Avoid arguing over invoices with change request component

  • Work with pre approved flow
  • Give estimates in advance. That's right - this means money for you
  • Discuss before you start working and it is too late.


Communicate progress Efficiently to client

  • No more flooding of calls & texts from your clients - progress can be seen online
  • Automate processes, notifications, tasks for both client and employees
  • No more searching email for version of documents, everything is organized
  • Clients will love it and start adding more and more things. That's right - this means money for you

Keep private numbers private, send public numbers

  • Adjust easily what you see and what your client sees. That's right - this means money for you.
  • Keep internal statistics internal, but send the client report
  • All data is saved securely.

Discover problems and fix them with Bug-tracking tool

  • No more "nothing is working" emails. Client has a constructive form to fill
  • Bugs are stored and prioritized.
  • Easy transfer from bug to paid change request. That's right - this means money from you.

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